Does it make a lot of sense to buy advertising for your company and products from a global advertising and search company, where you compete with black hat search and keyword experts that know all the tricks and steal your customers? There are other options besides direct mail, door-to-door sales, and robo-calling.

Locally Placed Advertising

You can direct your marketing budget to local organizations through buying space on their websites. This is better for the local economy by not sending your budget to someplace in California before it eventually works its way back here after fees and commissions have reduced your budget spend to pennies for the local organization. Here are a few reasons to stay local:

  1. Your budget stays local, not filtered through interstate and international accounts.
  2. Your advertisement on the local organization or company’s website reaches local, and RELEVANT, potential customers for your business or organization.
  3. Your customers can support both you and the local organization through its website, that’s twice the typical transactional impact.

Local Advertising Space

If you have a website where you offer advertising, you can improve your customer’s experience:

  1. Your customers receive relevant advertising, not an ad from an offshore company that’s gamed the global advertising network
  2. You won’t worry about inappropriate advertisements on your website.
  3. You could receive more income per advertisement, since the advertiser’s budget isn’t diluted by fees and commissions along its winding path back to you, the one offering space on your website.
  4. Your customers can support a local advertiser, while supporting your business – doubling their impact on the local economy.

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